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Big Sister Bethany & Little Sister Robyn
Robyn and Bethany
If you want to know how much of an impact volunteering as a Big Sister can have on a girlís life, just ask Little Sister Robyn. Or you could ask her Big Sister Bethany Ö who was once a Little Sister herself.
Bethany remembers being 13, in a single-parent family ó and not liking school. She remembers how much she needed someone to talk to!
Thatís when Big Sister Veronica entered her life. Before long, Bethanyís self-esteem improved dramatically Ö and so did her grades. Thatís why, when Bethany was in college, she knew she wanted to repay the kindness and guidance Veronica had given her.
No wonder she hit it off so well with 13-year-old Robyn. She knew just how Robyn felt! Before long Bethany and Robyn were finding common interests, doing fun activities, and creating a wonderful friendship.
Knowing Bethany has meant a big boost to Robynís self-confidence. And itís helped her school work, too. So itís no surprise that when Robyn was recognized for her academic accomplishments, she invited Bethany to the awards banquet. After all, who better to share her big moment with Ö than her Big Sister!
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