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Big Sister Linda & Little Sister Patty 2005 Big Sister of the Year
Patty and Linda
In almost 25 years of volunteering, Big Sister Linda has had five Little Sisters. Which means she has a wealth of experience … to enrich the lives of the girls she’s mentored.
Linda and Little Sister Patty are always "on the go." They’ve done arts and crafts projects together, made Halloween costumes, donated Christmas gifts to the needy, and made numerous daytrips to the museum, to see dinosaur replicas, to take rides on boats and trains, and even to a wedding.
Of course, these activities are often educational … but, just as important, they teach Patty about herself, and about all the wonderful things she can do in her life.
Patty’s mother Pat calls Linda a "godsend" for her daughter. "Linda is always there for Patty when she needs her. She allows Patty to be herself without putting demands on her.
"My daughter’s Big Sister is a good person who has been a good friend, companion and role model."
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