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Big Brother Eric & Little Brother James
Eric and James
I guess I want everyone to know what a blessing it has been to have the big brother program for my son James. He has come so far in the last two years, while being matched with Eric.
I feel the biggest impact Eric has made in my son's life is showing him what the future holds for our children. Eric has been there for James helping me as a divorced mother and spending some guy time with him. The one thing I can say is this program is great for us single parents who need someone to be involved with our children other than ourselves. He has inspired James to do much better in school, now that he knows that is what decides what college you go to in life.
I remember one evening when he came home from being out with Eric and he said do you know how many jobs Eric has had. "He is really a smart guy mom." I truly believe that Eric has shown my son the importance of who you are as a person. James knows that Eric has a big part in bringing companies to North Dakota and thinks that is a big deal. I remember what a great time they had at the Dakota Wizards game together.
The most important thing about Eric being in my son's life is the fact that my son has someone that is there just for him. He knows that when something is bothering he or he has a question he can always ask Eric.
My son has become a thoughtful, smart and caring man due to the impact of being involved in the Big Brother program with Eric.
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