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Big Sister Angela & Little Sister Amber
Amber and Angela
"I would never have been able to succeed in life, school, and my career without the support of someone older, wiser and more experienced than myself," says Big Sister Angela. "I rose on the shoulders of others, and I wanted to give a young person that same kind of boost."
Angela has gone far in her life, thanks to mentors she had. As a public defender, shes also seen what can happen to girls who dont have good guidance or strong role models in their lives.
Thats why shes committed to helping her Little Sister Amber succeed. And thanks to knowing Angela, Amber wants to go to college, make smart choices and be successful in her own life. Knowing how much her Big Sister Angela believes in her makes her dreams seem possible!
But Amber doesnt plan on becoming an attorney like Angela. She wants to be a dramatist, writer or poet. In fact, shes written a poem that describes how she feels about their powerful friendship.
Ill always love her because shes been there Through thick and thin And Im proud to call her My sister, my family, my friend
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